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What makes Closest Hotel different?

When you enter an address or point of interest, we calculate (using some big massive computers) the driving or walking time from that address you entered to every hotel. We'll show you those hotels on an interactive map and/or a gallery. Every other hotel booking site draws a straight line on a map and shows you the miles. Until we grow a set of wings, wouldn't you agree that seeing the driving or walking time is a lot more valuable?

What makes you different than other booking sites?

One of the most powerful features of our site is our interactive map. If you click the link to "intro to Closest Hotel" above, you'll quickly see quite a few example of just how powerful the interface is. First, enter an address and we'll put a blue marker on the map. Second, we'll show you hotels that meet your criteria (if you set filters, we'll only show what you want to see). Next, using the interactive map, move the map, zoom in/out, or click on the hotel pins to see more info rmation about the hotel. You can move the blue marker and we will recalculate the results

What gave you the idea to start this?

I went on a business trip to Switzerland a few years ago and was trying to find a hotel "close" to a conference I was attending. It turns out, the 7 miles from the hotel was nearly an hour drive. Had the hotel booking site showed me driving time, I would have chosen a different option.