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You shouldn't have to guess your Driving or Walking Time to your hotel

Real-time Driving and Walking time to 700,000 hotels and great deals all in one place.
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Every other booking site shows hotels on a map and tells you how many miles away the hotel is; that's if you could fly like a bird. We should you Driving and Walking time so you know how far your hotel really is from your destination.

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What our clients say

John A

I travel for a living and often have to stay close to a client's office or a convention. Not having to go back and forth between another website to find driving times is a breath of fresh air. Now I know how long it will take me to go from my client's office to my hotel. Thank you!

Janet W

Running a media even company, often on a beach, it's impossible to find hotels that are within walking distance without doing a lot of back and forth with maps. Now I just move the pin on the map and I instantly see hotels that are minutes from my event. A Godsend!

Paul P

I once booked a hotel in Switzerland that I thought was close to the conference I was attending. The straight line on the map showed 7 miles. It took nearly an hour to get there. Never Again! I also book here to make sure I know the driving time before I pull the trigger.